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Please select your state/region. This helps us locate your data and ensure we provide you with all the privacy rights your jurisdiction requires.

For some types of requests we need to verify your identity so please follow any verification instructions we provide you. However, do not provide any information via this form that is not requested in the pages that follow. Your rights are subject to exceptions and limitations, which we will explain in our response to your requests.

Only California residents have the right to make a request in the context of being a human resources or business contact data subject.

Your privacy rights are defined and limited by the laws of the state in which you reside and the majority of states do not provide for making these types of requests. However, we may elect to process requests for residents of other states, but if and how we do so will be in our discretion.

For more information on our data practices, your privacy rights and the request process see our State Privacy Notice, or contact to request a copy of our California Personnel Privacy Notice.